Consulting firms automate the output of their benchmarking surveys using mTab.

In the fast-paced world of management consulting, firms are constantly looking to get operational insights and benchmarks into the hands of their clients faster. mTab Insight Cloud's data warehousing, analysis, and visualization tools and connectors enables leading consulting firms to automate and streamline the output of their benchmarking surveys. By connecting directly to front-end survey tools, joining with other non-survey data sources, pre-staging benchmarking analysis, and automating perfectly formatted reports and dashboards, mTab helps consulting firms reduce turnaround time on benchmarking surveys from weeks to minutes.

Case Study: Bain

As a leading provider of global research Bain needed a solution to securely distribute its data and insights reports to clients. The company also required their data reports to be efficiently accessed by a spectrum of teams within each client organization for market, consumer, product and competitor analysis.

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Example data we work with:

Organizational Health Benchmarking Surveys

Risk Management Benchmarking Surveys

Digital Capabilities Benchmarking Surveys

Employee Attitude Benchmarking Surveys

Operations Benchmarking Surveys

Finance and Accounting Process Benchmarking Surveys