Jaguar Land Rover

mTab helps deliver thrilling driver experience.

The Client

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Automotive PLC merges two premier automotive brands with each having a long and storied history dating back to the 1930s for Jaguar and the 1940s for Land Rover. Today, the company designs premium vehicles with a focus on quality, innovation, exquisite design and capability.

Jaguar Land Rover

The Challenge

Jaguar Land Rover needed a way to understand and crystalize the voice of the driver of both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in order to understand their preferences and motivate their behaviors. Essentially, JLR was seeking a streamlined solution to transform fragmented customer data into advanced storytelling throughout the organization, from the factory floor to the board room. JLR also needed a system that kept their data “tight and consistent throughout the organization” to ensure its reliability in the decision-making process as the backbone in setting strategic vision for JLR brands.

The Solution

JLR needed a solution that gathered global customer data across a myriad of sources and presented it in a holistic view that provided credible customer stories to a spectrum of teams. This customer intelligence is vital to understanding attitudes and preferences in order to set strategy at the brand and model levels while engaging tactical decisions that enhance driver experiences and motivate customers to elevate their brand affinity.  For this solution, Jaguar Land Rover turned to mTab, which delivers a customized voice of the customer platform that crystallizes their dispersed data sources into single-source visualized stories. This advanced customer intelligence guides their decision-making and advises their brand strategies across the organization.

The Result

The solution mTab delivers provides a global view into the voice of the JLR customer by collecting fragmented customer data and synthesizing it into a single-source data environment. This customer intelligence is democratized across the organization, delivering evidence-based insight that is used to guide organization-wide product decision making and set brand strategies.

JLR has relied on mTab as its voice of the customer intelligence solution which has evolved with its business and brand for upwards of 25 years.

“mTab is a pretty essential tool for our organization,” explained Pete Green, Senior Analyst at Jaguar Land Rover. “We’ve got multiple analysts in multiple markets across the UK, Europe, the US, China and far east Asia as well. The insights generated by mTab are essential to what we do in driving the voice of the customer into the business. I think that is a testament to both the people at mTab and the software platform itself."

Pete Green, Senior Analyst

Jaguar Land Rover