Ford Motor Company

mTab unveils insights that drive innovation.

The Client

Founded in 1903, Ford Motor Company is a global leading U.S.-based automotive manufacturer which produces a spectrum of industry-leading retail and commercial vehicle models.

Ford Motor Company

The Challenge

With a history of relying on survey data analysis tracing back for more than 50 years, Ford has purchased and developed many analytical solutions for managing and analyzing the wide array of survey data collected over the years and across the globe.

In the past 10 years, facing increasing competitive pressure and global overcapacity, Ford has restructured to cut costs in search of continued profitability. Ford needed a solution that would support their hundreds of product planners, market researchers and strategic planners located across the globe, without dedicating internal staff and resources to development.

The Solution

mTab’s ability to analyze research studies of any size and complexity, combine structured and unstructured survey results, and trend, compare and combine studies from multiple markets is the ideal solution for Ford.

The Result

Hundreds of analysts at Ford can access the rich history of their survey program using mTab. Product planners, responsible for developing product platforms across global consumer markets, can conveniently combine and compare survey results from multiple markets to identify unmet needs and new opportunities.

Using mTab’s convenient means of trending data, money spent on prior year’s research programs can be continually recouped by using prior research results to bring perspective to current results.

“I work extensively with multiple data sources and various data-mining tools to drive out and support product strategy decisions, consumer targeting and marketing segmentation analyses. I have found mTab to be an intuitive, simple to use and yet powerful tool allowing me to be maximally effective and efficient. Moreover, I really like the fact that mTab continuously looks to improve. They consistently demonstrate dedication, expertise and a true heart for the customer. I can tell that relationship still means something to mTab, just as I know it does here at Ford. I highly recommend them.”

Jeff Holt, Automotive Marketing Analyst

Ford Motor Company